Crystal Diagnostics’ Xpress System



Crystal Diagnostics’ Xpress Reader, the core of the CDx rapid pathogen detection system, is the first new food safety testing platform with commercial application in the last 30 years. CDx relies on a novel application of Liquid Crystal Technology to detect targeted pathogens. CDx Xpress System is a faster, simpler, more reliable way of separating the signal from the background noise, opening up an entirely new approach to food safety testing.

The CDx Xpress Reader’s function is to confirm the presence or absence of the specific pathogens being sought. The CDx Xpress Reader does this by aligning Liquid Crystal with the sample, inside the BioCassette, and imaging each of the 5 cells. After several images are acquired with the five on-board 14 megapixel cameras, the Reader analyzes each to determine if the target pathogens are present. In 20 minutes or less, the resulting analysis is displayed on the 4.3″ color LCD touch screen and can also be printed with an optional printer as well as emailed to a designated user. Read more


Xpress System BioCassette is a single use patented cartridge made from two specially processed sheets of glass and divided into 5 distinct cells. Two interface ports on the outside allow for a prepared Liquid Crystal and target sample to be easily added into each chamber. The desired chambers are filled and the BioCassette is placed in the CDx Reader. After the Reader has aligned and analyzed the Liquid Crystal and sample mix, the BioCassette is removed and discarded. Read more

Liquid Crystal

Xpress System Liquid Crystal, when mixed with the target sample and aligned, amplifies distortions caused by aggregates exceeding a critical diameter (3 – 5 microns). Through a patented process, lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals (LCLC) are manipulated to be the perfect media for this rapid amplification and detection of targeted pathogens. This distinct class of material is ideal due to its non-toxicity to the target bacteria. As LCLC is water based, it does not harm aggregates created by the antibody antigen binding. Read more

Antibody Kit

Xpress System Antibody Kit includes a target and a negative control. The target is made up of magnetic microspheres coated with antibodies specific to the antigen (the protein on the surface of the pathogen) and then lyophilized (freeze-dried). The negative is made up entirely of lyophilized magnetic microspheres; no antibody attached. Most Ab Kits are available in two forms, lyophalyzed (freeze-dried) and wet. The freeze-drying of the Ab Kits allows for increased shelf life and reduced damage due to temperature and humidity extremes (during shipping for example), assuring you always receive a consistent, quality product. Read more