CDx Poster Presentations

Poster Sessions:
A poster session or poster presentation is the presentation of research information by an individual or representatives of research teams at a congress or conference with an academic or professional focus. The work is usually peer reviewed. Poster sessions are particularly prominent at scientific conferences such as medical congresses (cf. CDx and their Customers participate in many conferences throughout the year. Those scientists spend many hours researching potential applications and methodologies for CDx patented technology. Below are just a few of those posters that have been presented. All posters are copyrighted material and require prior authorization for distribution, otherwise these documents are limited to reference only.

Detection of STEC from Beef Trimmings
Texas A&M University – Moradi, Castillo, and Taylor

Rapid Listeria Detection using LC
Crystal Diagnostics – Stumpf, Bullard, Zhao, Kuzenko and Niehaus

Rapid O157:H7 Detection in Sprouts
University of Florida – Jung, Wu, Paik, and Ahn

Rapid O157 Detection in Beef/Lettuce
Crystal Diagnostics – Stumpf, Zhao, Ammons and Niehaus

LC Based Salmonella Detection Assay
Crystal Diagnostics – Bullard, Stumpf, Zhao, Kuzenko and Niehaus

Rapid Multiplex STECs Detection
Crystal Diagnostics – Zhao, Stumpf, Bullard, Kuzenko and Niehaus

Detection using LC and Two Bead Sizes
Crystal Diagnostics – Tortora

Pathogen Detection in Cannabis
Crystal Diagnostics – Stumpf, Bullard, Kuzenko, Rusnak and Niehaus

Rapid O157:H7 Detection in Foods
University of Florida – Wu, Jung, Potter, Hamilton, Paik, and Ahn