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Step into the Future of Foodborne Pathogen Testing

Break free from outdated norms with the AccuPath and AccuPath Max—where state-of-the-art precision engineering meets unparalleled performance and craftsmanship. These groundbreaking automated liquid handling systems feature a modular design that empowers laboratories to maximize storage, integrate devices seamlessly, and optimize transport space—all without sacrificing crucial deck area. With the AccuPath series, accelerate your sample processing, enhance efficiency, and minimize the risk of error or variability, setting a new standard in lab productivity.

Confidence through Sample Tracking

Advanced Pipetting Precision

As an option, the AccuPath & AccuPath MAX utilizes Barcode Scanners to track samples in Labware, and tracking information may be exported for detailed history reports.  

Protecting Users and Data/
Automation Software

The Accupath Machine features an enclosed housing with sensor-controlled door locks designed to prevent user injuries and protect samples from environmental contaminants. The accompanying software equips you with the necessary tools to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

The AccuPath & AccuPath MAX is powered by Hamilton's incredible VENUS Software, enabling users to design simple or complex workflows.  VENUS combines a very user-friendly interface, with the ability to monitor runs remotely through web browser.

Crystal Diagnostics' AccuPath & AccuPath MAX series uses air displacement pipetting to achieve superior measurement accuracy.  Additionally, the AccuPath pipette channels and tips are designed to fit precisely together using  Hamilton's patented lock-and-key design called CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion). This creates a tight seal with precision tip alignment to eliminate tip distortion and ensure  the highest accuracy during liquid handling steps. Anti-droplet control and liquid level detection technologies further safeguard sample and results integrity. 

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