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Revolutionizing Food Safety

Crystal Diagnostics (CDx) is at the forefront of revolutionizing food safety testing with its groundbreaking Liquid Crystal technology. Our flagship testing platforms, the AccuPath series, utilizes liquid crystal technology to detect foodborne pathogens with unparalleled accuracy and speed.  Our novel approach to Food safety mitigates many of the common issues connected to traditional PCR Testing.  With 19 patents and counting, CDx's innovative approach to automation is reshaping the industry, offering a low-cost, fully automated solution that excels in both flexible and highly diversified testing environments, as well as high-throughput production laboratory environments.


By integrating our in-house, state-of-art manufacturing facilities, highly advanced Research & Development teams, along with our extremely capable engineering teams, CDx ensures the highest quality products and cutting-edge solutions. Our commitment to novel innovation and superior performance drives us to continuously improve laboratory practices, resulting in enhanced food safety and cost-saving benefits for our customers. At Crystal Diagnostics, we are revolutionizing the way food pathogen detection is done, while making the world a safer place, one test at a time.

Our origins

Crystal Diagnostics (CDx) was conceived through an innovative research partnership between Kent State University's Liquid Crystal Institute and NEOMED (Northeast Ohio Medical University). Our foundation is built on a mission to revolutionize food safety by integrating cutting-edge liquid crystal technology into pathogen detection processes. This collaboration underscores our commitment to advancing technology solutions that enhance food safety standards globally.

Our Approach to Food Safety

At CDx, we are dedicated to enhancing food safety through our low-cost, fully automated AccuPath detection systems. This platform is not just a testament to our innovative capabilities but also reflects our commitment to ensuring the highest safety standards in food. By facilitating cost savings and improving on test protocols and sound laboratory practices, we aim to make significant global contributions to public health and safety in the food that we consume.

Innovation and Excellence

Our journey is marked by persistent innovation and excellence in the global field of food safety testing. With over 19 patents and counting, CDx proudly introduces the AccuPath platform series a groundbreaking development in food safety testing. This platform sets a new benchmark, offering superior performance over existing solutions in the market by improving accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in complex or high-throughput environments.

Integrated Expertise

Our strength lies in our integrated approach, combining in-house manufacturing, internal custom software development, R&D, and engineering teams to deliver products of unmatched quality. This collaborative effort ensures that every product we bring to the market is a result of meticulous research, precision engineering, and rigorous testing. At CDx, we strive to be at the forefront of technology, providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of food safety testing.



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