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Crystal Diagnostics emerged over ten years ago from a pioneering research collaboration between Kent State University and Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED). At its core, the company has always been driven by a mission to revolutionize the detection of foodborne pathogens by leveraging innovative liquid crystal technology for automation solutions. Throughout the years, we've collaborated with an extensive network of notable universities, research institutions, and government agencies. Our enduring aim is to illuminate and advocate for a highly accurate and successful alternative to conventional PCR testing methods. Through our dedication to education and research excellence, we strive to advance the field of pathogen detection, ensuring safer food supply chains worldwide.

AutoXpress Food Pathogen Detection Prototype Program​ -
Universities & Research Facilities

It all started with the AutoXpress, the original, state-of-the-art, fully automated, high-throughput prototype unit designed specifically for advanced food pathogen detection. The AutoXpress series of Robots is no longer commercially available and has been replaced by our new AccuPath Series of machines.  As part of our commitment to fostering research and education in the field, we are offering a select number of these innovative units to qualified universities and research facilities under a unique "borrowed" basis arrangement.​

Seamless Set-Up and Empowerment​

Once your facility qualifies, our team will ensure the AutoXpress unit is expertly installed at your site.  We will provide comprehensive training by our team, supply essential resources, and support to empower your staff with the knowledge needed to operate the AutoXpress unit effectively. These resources are designed to cover the operational aspects of the AutoXpress, including protocols for usage and assay testing for a wide spectrum of pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, and STEC. Our aim is to equip your team with the tools necessary to maximize the use of the AutoXpress unit, thereby enhancing your research capabilities and fostering significant progress in food safety.

Qualification and Contact Information

To discover more about the AutoXpress Food Pathogen Detection Prototype Program and to determine if your organization qualifies for the use of an AutoXpress Robotic unit, we invite you to reach out to us. This program is an excellent opportunity for research institutions and Universities looking to lead in the development of innovative pathogen detection methods. For detailed information on program eligibility and to discuss the potential integration of AutoXpress into your research projects, please contact us through the information provided below.

Case Study: Exploring the Efficacy of Crystal Diagnostics AutoXpress System in Detecting E. coli O157 in Beef Trim

Dive into our detailed case study conducted in partnership with a leading global Third Party Laboratory Group, which evaluates the effectiveness of the Crystal Diagnostics (CDx) AutoXpress (AX) system against a leading commercial real-time PCR platform in detecting E. coli O157 in beef trim samples. This field trial analyzed 144 samples across various testing conditions, showcasing the precision and reliability of the CDx AX system. Notably, our system accurately identified all spiked samples without any false positives, compared to the PCR System, which did identify several false positives.

Learn more about the innovative approach and methodology behind this successful detection, and understand why Crystal Diagnostics remains at the forefront of pathogen detection technology.


Click here for the Case Study Summary

Discover the power of liquid crystal technology in pathogen detection with our AutoXpress system.

Discover the simple steps to utilize liquid crystal technology for pathogen detection in your education platform with our AutoXpress system in this quick tutorial, ensuring rapid and precise diagnostics through visual analysis and advanced algorithms.

Our Happy Universities and Research Facilities

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