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Your ultimate destination for liquid crystal based pathogen detection.

Introducing the AccuPath Series of Pathogen Detection Systems

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Your Ultimate Destination for Everything Liquid Crystal

Enhance food safety with our advanced AccuPath Systems, which utilize innovative detection technologies and top-quality reagents for precise testing. Designed for seamless integration, these systems boost efficiency and throughput with versatile consumables. Crystal Diagnostics Consumables, essential to the AccuPath Systems, guarantee consistent, high-quality results.

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Liquid Crystal

Optimize the detection phase of your AccuPath systems with our Liquid Crystal (LC) reagents, designed for seamless integration and optimal performance.


Sample Slides

Enhance your detailed examinations with our precision-crafted sample slides, ideal for high-resolution displays and visual presentations



Explore our media products for superior microbiological accuracy

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Unlock the potential of our assay products for research and diagnostics

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Pathogen Detection Machines

Experience the efficiency of AutoXpress for streamlined laboratory workflows


More Products

Discover the full range of our innovative products designed to enhance your laboratory operations

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Step into the Future of Foodborne Pathogen Testing

Break free from outdated norms with the AccuPath and AccuPath Max—where state-of-the-art precision engineering meets unparalleled performance and craftsmanship. These groundbreaking automated liquid handling systems feature a modular design that empowers laboratories to maximize storage, integrate devices seamlessly, and optimize transport space—all without sacrificing crucial deck area. With the AccuPath series, accelerate your sample processing, enhance efficiency, and minimize the risk of error or variability, setting a new standard in lab productivity.

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Join Us at IAFP 2024

Booth 728 July 15th & 16th

Join Crystal Diagnostics at Booth #728 during the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Annual Meeting! This pivotal event brings together over 3,500 leading food safety experts from academia, industry, and government across six continents. It's a hub for critical insights into food safety challenges, innovative technologies, and networking with global professionals.

As part of this dynamic gathering, we’re proud to feature our newest addition to food safety: the AccuPath and AccuPath Max systems. These innovations represent the forefront of food pathogen detection, and now, you can book your demonstration of the AccuPath series with us directly at the event.

Book Your AccuPath Demonstration Now

Experience firsthand the latest solutions in food safety and discuss with our experts how the novel liquid crystal technology in our AccuPath systems can be integrated into your operations for heightened safety and efficiency. We look forward to welcoming you at Booth #728 and exploring the future of food protection together.




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